Civil Engineering Group

Platform Created by Group of Civil Engineers
For sharing Ideas and Experience among Civil Engineering community.
Group constitutes of Prominent Civil Engineers, Senior Engineers and Freshers to share thoughts.
Lets Share ideas from simplest thing like Line to design construction of multi million Infrastructure Projects.

  • Discussion Board

    Platform of freedom to express onself. Everyone has their own ways of expression. We have lot to express and learn , but finding ways and means is more than half the battle won.

  • Classified Board

    Idea is Group comes first. Its free Classified Ads for Job Posting , Selling Used/New Construction Machinery, Other Industry Related Ads.

  • Moderators

    Comes from multifacete disciplinary and has earned respectable name in their field. Moderators are here to share their knowledge and experience.

  • Users

    They are Civil Engineers on board to participate and discuss. Age is no bar , he can be student or a working professional.Its all about sharing and discussing.

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